5 Dramas and their Comedic Counterparts

With so many different shows and films floating around nowadays, there is bound to be some overlap of topic between dramas and comedies. In all honesty, I like to watch a comedy in between my dramas because some of them get HEAAAAVY. Here are my top 5 comedy counterparts to some great topical dramas in television and film:

5. US Politics

Drama: Scandal


The overly intense political drama about a political “fixer” played by Kerri Washington and her torrid affair with the US President lends itself to the comedic notes of…

Comedy: Veep

The VP played by none other than Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a witty, and comical portrayal of the day in the life of the Presidents right hand and her team of professional misfits.


4. Slavery

Drama: 12 Years a Slave


This film was almost too heavy to watch. The true telling of Solomon Northup, a free man turned slave is only a bearable watch if you’re able to watch…

Comedy: Django Unchained

…right after. This very well done revenge film gives you the kicks you need to get over the heaviness. 


3. Musicals

Drama: Nashville

This country music show is chock full of talent, decent writing and you guessed it, drama. 

Comedy: Glee


Glee has its dramatic moments, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.


2. Medieval Times

Drama: Game of Thrones

One of the biggest shows on television has one of the biggest cliffhanging and shocking moments episode to episode. It’s a complete removal from…

Comedy: Your Highness

Basically a stoner comedy film about two brothers on an epic journey to save a princess from a really really gross villain.


1. Zombies

Drama: The Walking Dead


Zombies have been in and around for years but this show, based on the graphic novels by the same name has grown into one of the most popular shows on television. Not exactly like…

Comedy: Shaun of the Dead

A well written british comedy that has the mixture of adventure, slapstick moments and of course, the undead. 

What are some of your favorite television/film dramas & comedy counterparts?