American Horror Story Season 3: Coven

This show needed its own blog post, because I love it that much aside from any of the anticipated fall shows this year. I have been an avid watcher ever since its series premiere a few years ago. Created by none other than Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck) this show is probably his best creation yet for many reasons. Now, Nip/Tuck was and still is at the top of my list of dramas of all time. Even Glee, which is probably the campiest Murphy will get, has its warranted good qualities.  However, American Horror Story (AHS) is an amazing show in its own merit. 

The first season was named “Murder House”, which documented a haunted house and delves into its history, using flashbacks and tying them to the present. The season had a jarring and disturbing end, so I naturally assumed that season two would pick up the story. Nope. That story line was done and in season two, while some actors came back, they were in a completely unrelated world and history outside of season one. For this reason, it totally wins for originality. Never before have I seen a show that creates an anthology throughout its series. Each season is its own “horror story” if you will, all with intricately detailed time periods and themes which underline a central story line. I wasn’t sure what to feel after I learned this. After all, a normal television show watcher assumes things continue on. I got used to it as soon as I let go of the characters that were so richly developed (and BEAUTIFULLY acted by an incredibly talented cast), and ate up every disturbing minute of season two.

The show setup works brilliantly for this type of show. It’s like watching a nail-biting horror story come to life. The kind that someone is telling around a campfire - sometimes ending with a disturbing cliffhanger. I couldn’t imagine it working for any other kind of show for lack of consistency. The way it is set up lends itself to two new ideas: New viewers can start watching a season and not feel they need to backtrack (Though you will once you watch one season). Secondly, it helps attract viewers who really don’t like continuous series that sometimes go on too long or sometimes end too early. Genius. Brilliant conception and even better execution. The shows look is crisp, the themes are timeless and the acting is flawless.

I seriously canNOT wait until Coven is released on October 9th. 

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