Beyonce's Self-Titled Surprise Album Release

“I see music, its more than just what I hear” - Beyonce

Now I know my last few posts have been pretty music heavy. However, music is absolutely my second love. Moreover, music is such an integral part of film and the visual .

That being said, Beyonce, surprised the world with a surprise self-titled album release late last week, where she put out 14 tracks and 17 music videos as a “visual album”. All at the same time. 

“I want this to come out, when its ready and from me, to my fans.”

I didn’t for once question Beyonce’s reasoning behind putting out a surprise album. With her insurmountable success, she can take a risk like this, and for that reason her fans will respect her that much more. 

I think she took a very bold and daring step toward revitalizing her fans’ music experience. It isn’t just about selling records anymore, or getting a number one single. It is finding a way to become a leader in your industry.

“I miss that emersive experience. Now people only listen to a few seconds of a song…it’s all about the single and the hype.”, says 32-year-old R&B sensation about where music has gone in the past few years in a recent interview.

The album itself is a beautifully raw depiction of Bey. It is a sultry, cool and fresh sound for her, perhaps a change in sound inspired by her post-baby refresh.

As for the videos, I have yet to see each one in full, however, the previews look fantastic. She did something similar with her album B'Day, where she released a video for nearly every song, instead of just for her singles (like most artists do). Back then I already knew she had a mind to do something like this.

“I wanted people to hear things differently and have a different first impression, not just listen to a ten second clip but actually be able to see the whole vision of the album”

My hope is the rest of the industry takes a note from Beyonce. Well played Queen Bey. I’m looking forward to taking a better look at your album.