Fall Comedy Shows to Watch

I do have to say, film or television, I’m not one to really watch a comedy. Yes it’s good to laugh and all that, but I’m not a big slapstick, canned laugh track sitcom kinda guy. Heck, what’s so great about Friends? Though, through all the heavy dramas on my roster, a 20 minute laughter break is just what I need to lift my spirits before I get  back to the next 45-60 minute drama. 

I can’t express how sad I was to see 30 Rock leave my list of shows to watch last year (Though I still watch episodes religiously). And when The New Normal got cancelled (which I wasn’t terribly upset about to be honest), I wasn’t left with many shows to watch. Good thing this fall, the shows are looking better and better and I’m looking forward to watching some old and new ones.


Parks & Recreation - It’s my normal comedy fix. If I can’t have Tina Fey, I will have my dose of Amy Poehler. 

Modern Family - Though the hokey moral values at the end always annoy me, and a lot of the characters are cartoony, its still a good watch, four seasons later. 

New Girl - I basically watch this because of my love for Zooey Deschanel. 

How I Met Your Mother - It’s finally that time! The series finale begins! We saw the face of the mom in the final episode of Season 8 (wow, this show has had an amazing run). And it’s the one show that I forgive the laugh track for. Mostly because they change the shooting style and writing in it from time to time, and a lot of those episodes are pretty awesome for a 20 minute sitcom. 


Crazy Ones - Watched the trailer for this, and it sounds hilarious. Robin Williams + Sarah Michelle Gellar? Let’s do this. 

Mom - I am totally willing to switch out my guilty pleasure 2 Broke Girls for a weekly dose of Anna Farris. 

Super Fun Night - Have NO clue what the show is about. But it looks hilrious, mostly because of those awesomely delivered zingers that Rebel Wilson spits out. 

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