Interviewing Honey Beard

As you know, I’m a huge music lover and am always on the lookout for great new bands who offer a different and fresh sound. I am lucky enough to be buds with an up and coming duo - Honey Beard. The Toronto-based band, Honey Beard’s sound is a great mixture of both new age electronic and some old school 80’s sounds. This gives them a unique sound that even varies from song to song. 

I was able to catch them during a private jam session and capture them playing a few songs and even got to sit down with them to chat about how they came to be, and what’s up ahead for them:

If you would like to check out more of their music, visit their Soundcloud and keep an eye out for that EP that will be dropping soon.

Edit: Honey Beard’s EP ‘Thousand Million Things’ has dropped. Check it out:

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