Lana Del Rey's Upcoming Album

One of the most anticipated albums on my list is finally getting closer and closer to a release date. With more than a year since Del Rey dropped her extended studio album Born to Die: Paradise Edition fans have been waiting to hear something about some new music from the sultry voiced artist. This doesn’t (but should) include the fantastic (Oscar worthy IMO) track Young & Beautiful as well as the most recent released track Once Upon A Dream, made for the upcoming Disney film, Maleficent

After her short film, Tropico was released, Lana Del Rey announced Ultraviolence, what would be her third studio album by the end of this summer. She recently posted this picture on Twitter with The Black Keys front-man and producer extrordinaire Dan Auerbach citing, “Me and Dan Auerbach are excited to present you Ultraviolence”.

I’m a fan of Auerbach’s early work with TBK, his production work on fellow Akron resident Jessica Lea Mayfield’s album Tell Me and also thoroughly enjoyed the sound that came out of his solo album, Keep It Hid. 

After being heartbroken from not snagging tickets in Toronto for her upcoming tour, I’m extremely anxious to hear this new sound that will be developed for an artist whose current voice and style has set her apart from any other act I know. I’m sure no matter what it will extend her artistic presence and range. Looking forward to it.