Oscar Nominations "Best Picture" Reviews: Pt. 1

This may be the first year that I have actually seen most of the “best picture” nominees. 

And, to celebrate, here is part 1 of my thoughts on the nominees:

Dallas Buyers Club - I didn’t know much about this film until I saw the list of nominees. So when I did my research, I was shocked to realize this was the role that heartthrob Matthew Mcconaughey lost nearly 40 pounds to tell the story of the late real life AIDS patient Ron Woodroof.


I thought the film was well put together. Oscar worthy? I’m not sure. A&E Biopic worthy is more like it. 

Gravity - When I first saw the trailer for this film, I literally thought it was a joke. That last shot of Sandra Bullock floating into the ether made me laugh out loud. But, then I kept hearing raves about it. So I watched it.


Beyond its stunning graphics, I thought writer/director Alfonso Cuaron did everything but literally beat your head in with obvious symbolism and metaphors of isolation and rebirth. Nothing about it was entertaining (nor believable), I mostly just wanted it to end. Sandra Bullock, love the woman, but I can’t give her an Oscar nod for screaming and hyperventilating into a space suit for an hour and a half.

Her I really really enjoyed this film. I loved the look and the themes that were presented. Spike Jonze did a great job in creating this beautifully nostalgic yet miasmic future where humans are connected and isolated at the same time. Hoping for a win on this one for sure.  


Nebraska - A modern day Don Quixote story, Nebraska is a tale of a dopey old man’s quest for a million dollars and his adventures with his son to retrieve it. I thought it was endearing and quirky. A reminder of humans inevitability of ageing and what we do for the people we love. But…black and white? What a novelty it has become in recent times. This quirky comedy was a fun watch. However, Oscar worthy? Meh. If it was in color, guaranteed it wouldn’t have been nominated.

Wolf of Wall Street - This was one of the first films on the list I saw. And it was a great kick off. It was true Martin Scorsese in terms of look, feel and don’t forget length. More than anything else, I must thank Marty for bringing to light this absolutely stunning and talented creature Margot Robbie who played DiCaprio’s movie wife.


On a side note, Leo D has had quite a year (still find it shameful that Gatsby wasn’t up for Best Pic). Guys, please just give him a damn Oscar. 

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The 2014 Oscars air on Sunday March 2nd. What was your favorite pick?