Phantogram - Voices Album Review

Phantogram is one of my favorite bands at the moment and they just released their second studio album, Voices. The sound has definitely matured since their first release, Eyelid Movies which featured standout track, “When I’m Small”. Both band mates, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are multi-talented artists who not only play multiple instruments but also take turns with vocal leads on the tracks, giving their fans a variety of sounds to appreciate. 

Standout Tracks: Fall In Love / Black Out Days / Howling at the Moon / Never Going Home / Bill Murray 

With the album release, they began their tour and I was lucky enough to catch them at Toronto’s Virgin Mobile Mod Club. The energy that the band produced was fantastic, with Barthel violently shoulder shaking and Carter vigorously twanging at his bass. 


The one thing I will say is I found the light show to be a little extreme for the sound of the band. At multiple moments, the lights began to strobe which made me feel as if I was in some sort of jittery haunted house. If you had any epileptic issues, you would have definitely gone down during their number, Black Out Days (in fact an individual actually did, and had to be carted away!)


The sound is so great with heavy hitting beats and catchy hooks. Whenever I find a great sounding indie band, my hope is to one day use their tracks in a film one day. In fact, mid-show I texted my colleague who I am co-writing with to mention how much I would love to get the rights to use one of Phantogram’s tracks for an upcoming short film we’re doing. But now with their stint on Jimmy Kimmel early last month and their upcoming performance on David Letterman, it looks like these guys won’t be very underground for much longer. Best of luck to their much deserved future successes. (But please let me use your songs!) 

Check them out, and if you have, tell me, what is you’re favorite track off their new album Voices?