The Director's Chair: Sofia Coppola's Intrigue

I still remember how I felt watching The Virgin Suicides when I was in high school. It was as if I got stuck in a hazy summer daydream. The soft and light airiness mixed with a nostalgic and sometimes suffocating miasma identified this film as one of my favorite films. Sofia Coppola seems to have become an auteur in her own merits, something she perhaps inherited from her father Francis Ford Coppola. 

I haven’t seen all of her films, because I do feel that they are generally very artistic and one needs to be in a good frame of mind to watch one. Though, I did love her re-appropriation of history in Marie Antoinette and very much enjoyed her fictionalized documentation on the real life celebrity thefts in LA, The Bling Ring.

I will probably say this again about my other favorite directors. I love a director who is an auteur. I want to watch a film of a director I know and say, “yep, that’s such a Sofia Coppola film”. Because when you have that talent mixed with a recognition for your particular style, that is the formula for becoming a true film director.  

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