The Leap Motion is a Rippling Hop

So, after much anticipation, I finally recieved my Leap Motion in the mail last week. Plugged it in, got through the orientation and calibration, and you know what? It was alright. Yea, just alright. I think a lot of people expected this product to do incredible things. This product does not do that at the moment. The technology is there, though a little finnicky from time to time. (In its defence, my testing environment is quite cluttered, and I think my 32" screen may be a tad too big) However, the silver lining in this products performance is the hope of sustainability and further development.

The Leap is linked with an app store. So like Google and Apple, the app store will start off small but as soon as it gains traction, which I really hope it does, will grow to thousands of developers. I think there are a lot of people in the world who want to see this product on a consumer level. As mentioned in the past, a product like this will change how people can interact with their desktop. And at the fraction of the price of a 32" display touch screen (not to mention the portability), it can become a household item. Altough it is not quite where I want it to be just yet, I am looking forward to seeing Leap Motion flourish.

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