The Many Adobe Creative Cloud #Problems

If you haven’t read my terribly biased post “Adobe Premiere vs. Final Cut Pro” I will start off by saying I am a huge Adobe Premiere advocate. It has been my editing software since the beginning of my editing career. I even championed it throughout my university film studies career, where my program was very Mac-world driven. 

I’ve been elated with the “latest” iteration (I’ll get back to that), Adobe Premiere CS6, where they have greatly improved the ability of the editor, making it a robust and viable prosumer editing software (*ahem* unlike the cumbersome Final Cut X *ahem*). However, I have found they have made quite the misstep with their Adobe Cloud. 

Like many companies, Adobe has decided on the “put your projects on the cloud” approach which seemingly allows users to access their Adobe files with ease. This is would be a great scenario for people who constantly cart projects between a home setting to a production house/work setting on a bulky hard drive. That was until something like this happens.  

You need only to read the title to realize that like anything cloud based, it is extremely risky to have your sometimes private working files floating in the ether. This situation just proved all Cloud computing naysayers right, which is really disappointing. 

On top of this is the absolute worst move which is they have made their software subscription based. So now, if you would like to use the next iteration of Premiere, you must pay $19.99/Month. (Don’t fret pdf editors, you can still buy Acrobat for $169!) I can’t imagine this being a sustainable business model. Yes, there are big corporate companies who will sucker into this money making ploy, but for us budding and hardworking indie editors, how is it possible to maintain that price?

I think its unfair and greedy to do this to millions of users who (like me) for years defended Adobe’s honor and touted their great strides in becoming industry standard. They better turn their ship right around (and hopefully with this last hack, they will) and quick; us editors have no other options for new and continually improving editing software. 

*A conversation with an Adobe representative whilst asking her my purchase options outside of Creative Cloud*

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