True Blood Season 6 Finale

Now, I’ve watched this show since day one. However our relationship has been tumultuous - I loved season one, and then it just got crazy and weird. It was right before the Twilight craze, so I wondered if they jumped the shark or if it was really a part of the shows grand design. I realized the latter, after they introduced demi-gods, witches, fairies, ghosts, mediums, & werewolves to the later seasons without batting an undead eye.

By the end of season 5, I was ready for this show to be OVER. It was floundering, in my opinion. The characters were annoying, and I stopped caring whether people died or not. Even the comedic undertones of the eternally snarky vamp character Pam wouldn’t keep my interest. It felt as though writer Alan Ball (who also created the acclaimed series Six Feet Under, as well as wrote one of my fave flicks American Beauty) wanted to stake this show in the heart right before he left. (Season 6 was lead by a new writer). 

By the season finale which aired on August 18th, I was back on the edge of my seat in true HBO show fashion. Can’t wait for next season, even though I still do feel that this show is ready to be put to rest. Close up all the loose ends and lets this world go into the best series finale ever!image

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