Why Lyric Videos?

I definitely feel like Youtube is to blame for this one. 

In the past, when a great new song came out and wasn’t accessible, all you would do was type it into Google and the first three hits would be videos posted to Youtube. Now, some of these were just one static screenshot and the audio track. But some of them had a lyric slideshow so that if you wanted to belt out a rendition in your room, you didn’t have to go to a separate page. It seems as though artists have taken advantage of this fad, and made it into a thing.

Now, artists like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, have utilized this new “interim music video” before/while they release their official music video. Some started off very basic, with interesting transitions. More recently, they have become much more intricate and admittedly even somewhat entertaining to watch and look forward to watching before the official video premieres (see Katy Perry’s, at this point is it really necessary to have a music video?).

Do you think that lyric videos make the release of the actual music video less exciting? Or do you think artists have made the right move by giving the fans something that they were creating already?

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